Rainbow Homies are a collection of collectible artworks available on the Tezos blockchain. Featuring fun, uplifting illustrations that feature colourful characters and accesories. Check out the project’s website here.

ch1773rs are a series of 777 chillers on the Tezos blockchain. This collection is intended to be a lighthearted series of characters in similar poses that I have created in the past. There are over 100 traits that make up these amusing illustrations. View the project’s page here.

Dazzling Diablos is a collection of animated artworks that are randomly generated. They are both cute and kind-hearted. These are unique, digital collectibles that will be available on the Solana blockchain. Check out the project’s website here.

1-of-1s and editions are collectible, digital artworks that will be available for purchase through HEN (an eco-friendly marketplace built on the Tezos blockchain). More details soon.

Beulysion is a mysterious land that was recently discovered in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. It is believed to be an ancient land that has extra-terrestrial origins. Artifacts are being restored and preserved eternally as digital collectibles. More details soon.