My urge to create comes from an intrinsic urge to build vibrant worlds and beautiful stories that not only bring joy, but inspire and uplift others. A natural desire to translate the inspiration that captivates me into artworks. I am seeking to construct a universe of distinctive characters, places and things that all coexist harmoniously. Embedded into an environment of stylistic language that feels alive. All with the mission to bring about a little more goodness into our own world by sharing colourful works that help communicate important messages and bring smiles. Scroll down to read more about my process.


The creative pursuit and the ongoing search for the beautiful unknown — it’s a fundamental part of my creative process. Seeking visuals from the back of my mind (my inner cosmos), my travels (random thrift stores, exploring Mediterranean towns, taking street photography and so on), the deep depths of my dreams, and nostalgic glimpses from my childhood.


Drawing everything free-hand gives it a voice that feels truest to my expression. Allowing the line-work to be imperfect allows the extra flair of character in my work to shine. Also, traveling often gave rise to the hand-drawn quality of my work because of air turbulence and the necessity to work on-the-go often.


Letting my mind wander free is vital to allowing me to create the best creative work that I can possibly make. Taking time off to get lost in my mental abyss, whether that be through meditation, float tanks, sun-drunk on a beach, long hikes or otherwise I find it valuable to be able to process the most important questions, information and inspiration.


Having an ongoing desire to improve upon, whether that be within my artwork or life in general, it motivates me immensely. Appreciating where I’m at, yet knowing somehow the next can be even better. Growing on my personal journey inevitably affects my artwork, and vice-versa. Allowing the two to have somewhat of a symbiotic relationship.